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Firewalls Now Recommended for ALL Clients

Q: What is a firewall?


A barrier between the Internet and your business or home network.  It’s your first line of defense.  (See screenshots below.)


Q: What can a firewall do for me?

  1. Security

    1. Block risky connections & hackers

    2. Detect suspicious activities

    3. View devices on your network (and their activity)

  2. Block / Filter Content for Employees & Kids

    1. Porn & violence

    2. Gambling

    3. Social media

    4. Gaming

    5. Search engine results (porn & offensive content)

  3. Control Your Network

    1. Monitor activity

    2. Block ads

    3. Quarantine new devices (until you approve them)

    4. Schedule Internet access times

    5. View data usage


Q: Why should I buy one now?


The prices have come down to a very reasonable level for everyone.  We are seeing a large spike in hacking, data breaches, and viruses.  TechWise now considers firewalls to be essential for ALL businesses and homes.


Q: How much does a firewall cost?


We off several options. Contact us to discuss installation & equipment costs.


Q: How can I get one for my business / home?

Contact us to schedule an installation.

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